Lenovo launches ThinkReality to bring AR to the enterprise

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During its annual Accelerate conference, Lenovo announced the launch of a new sub-brand called ThinkReality to help enterprise organizations leverage the business potential of augmented reality (AR).

The company's new AR platform is designed to assist enterprise workers in using AR applications on the job to receive assistance, reduce repair times, eliminate errors, collaborate, improve training quality and streamline complex workflows.

ThinkReality is also device and cloud agnostic to make it easier for enterprise customers to adopt and manage AR and VR software applications across operating systems, cloud services and devices.

Users will be able to pin, interact and collaborate with 3D information in the real world with the aim of improving their contextual awareness as well as efficiency while saving money for their organizations.

ThinkReality A6

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ThinkReality A6

Lenovo also announced its own AR headset, the ThinkReality A6 which will be the first device in the ThinkReality solutions portfolio.

The headset itself is a lightweight mobile device which can be operated hands free to deploy both simple and complex AR solutions for improved workplace productivity.

The ThinkReality A6 weights 380g (0.83lbs) and features a 40-degree diagonal field of view with a resolution of 1080p for each eye. The device is powered by an Intel Movidius chipset with wave guide optics from Lumus.

Lenovo did not reveal pricing or availability details for the ThinkReality A6 but we'll likely hear more from the company as we get closer to its official release.

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