Laid-off tech workers are finding new jobs pretty quickly

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Amid global economic uncertainty, worrying cutbacks, and job layoffs, workers are continuing to find re-employment successfully, and quickly, new figures have claimed.

A report from ZipRecruiter found that tech workers are among the most successful at quickly finding re-employment, with 79% finding a new role within three months of termination; just a touch below the average figure for all job types of 83%. 

Tech lay-offs

While the current 10.3 million job openings are down from a previous record high, there are still more vacancies than there are unemployed adults in the United States, which presents new opportunities or challenges to workers seeking a career change.

Eager tech workers who may be put off a career change due to a lack of confidence are told otherwise: innovation, creativity, confidence, and the right skill set are among the most important qualities that an employer can be looking for.

Entertainment and leisure; transportation and delivery; and manufacturing were all sectors that saw laid-off workers find re-employment fairly quickly, implying that these sectors are prepared to weather the economic storm and could provide a secure position for workers who have been laid off from other roles.

Chief economist for ZipRecruiter, Julia Pollak, explains that tech workers are “...still the most sought-after workers with the most in-demand skills”, so while companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Twitter have all experienced large lay-offs in recent months, opportunities remain positively available. 

Via Wall Street Journal

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