Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event has fans hopeful for new game announcement

Kingdom Hearts Screenshots
(Image credit: Square Enix / Disney)

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has announced a 20th anniversary event for April 10, which will take place in Tokyo.

Details about the event are still scarce, but it already promises to feature a mini concert, a developer Q&A, an exhibition, and more. Fortunately, for fans who don't live in Japan, a video of the event will also be made.

Naturally, fans are hopeful that a new Kingdom Hearts game will be announced or teased during the event, whether it's the next mainline installment or another intermediary title like the Melody of Memory rhythm game.

Cloud? No, his name's Sora

Kingdom Hearts Screenshots

(Image credit: Square Enix / Disney)

In addition, Square Enix has confirmed release dates for when the cloud versions of the Kingdom Hearts games will release for Nintendo Switch: February 10. As cloud versions, this means they have to be streamed and require a constant and stable Internet connection to work.

You can also download free demos for all of them now and pre-orders are available at a 20% discount. Currently, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX is $31.99/£26.39, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is $39.99/£31.99, and Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind is $39.99/£39.99.

If you want all three, you can purchase the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece bundle for $71.99/£63.99. The discounted prices will only be available until February 28.

Fans of the series have wanted to see the games make the jump to Nintendo Switch for ages, although not everybody is pleased with the decision to make them cloud versions since it means they require an active Internet connection which defeats the purpose of releasing them for a handheld.

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