Keyble is wearable tech that lets you pay using fingerprint authentication

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Flywallet is an Italian fintech startup, which has unveiled Keyble at CES this week. It’s a wearable device that incorporates biometric authentication capabilities allowing users to make contactless payments and use digital services.

Keyble has been developed so that it can be integrated into fashion accessories, which enables it to be incorporated into watch and wearable straps along with style accoutrements such as bracelets and bangles.

The innovation also features biosensing technology so users can keep track of, and securely share data about their vital signs. Flywallet says it hopes to make vital sign monitoring and the cardiac arrhythmias functionality medical grade by the end of 2021.

With its built-in fingerprint authentication Keyble can be used to make payments in stores or login to online services but it’ll also be useful for a multitude of other uses where keys or cards might be otherwise needed. Flywallet reckons Keyble will be perfect for accessing homes, gyms and even for unlocking car doors.


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Single ecosystem

Tickets for public transport, loyalty cards and all manner of other day-to-day payment and transaction tasks are seen as being additional possibilities for Keyble.

This is the first hardware product to come from the Flywallet stable. The company spent its formative years developing a single ecosystem that relies on biometrics and IoT technologies. 

Flywallet makes a point of underlining its sustainable approach towards product development too. The case of the Keyble has been produced using a combination of aluminium and plastic composites.

Adding extra green appeal is the way that straps are made from apple skin and recycled microfiber, with fabric coated in recycled marble powder. The archetypal Italian startup is therefore keeping a keen eye on Keyble’s appeal for the fashion marketplace, where there could be additional potential lying in wait.

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