June Capcom Showcase announced - what can we expect to see?

Exoprimal promotional image
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There's already enough gaming showcases and presentations happening over the next week to make your head spin, and now Capcom's thrown its own hat into the ring.

The publisher announced the latest Capcom Showcase via its official Twitter account, and it'll be happening on June 12 at 3pm PDT / 6pm ET / 11pm BST. The presentation will run for approximately 36 minutes, and host "new information about Capcom's upcoming releases and future titles."

It's already been a pretty stellar year for the Japanese publisher. Street Fighter 6 has just launched to critical acclaim, bringing in tons of new players with its eye-catching World Tour mode and approachable online suites. Similarly, Resident Evil 4 launched back in March to similarly warm critical reception. It'd be accurate to say Capcom is on something of a roll in 2023.

So what could Capcom possibly show off at its upcoming showcase? There's some things that I believe are safe bets. We're likely to get a first look at Street Fighter 6's first DLC character, Rashid, who is returning from his debut in Street Fighter 5. 

Resident Evil 4 has also been expected to have DLC of its own, in the form of the original's Separate Ways campaign that features Ada Wong as the protagonist. I'd imagine Ada would also be added to The Mercenaries bonus mode as a playable character.

Capcom's ambitious dino shooter (no, not that one) Exoprimal is due to launch on July 14, so there's every chance we get another trailer for that game here.

Dragon's Dogma 2 finally debuted at May's PlayStation Showcase, so I think it's very likely we get a bit more of a deep dive on the anticipated fantasy sequel during Capcom's presentation.

Lastly, it's impossible to say whether or not Capcom will bring any big surprises. We could finally see more from the mysterious Pragmata, or potentially get a sneak peek at the next instalment in the Monster Hunter series, as Monster Hunter Rise is winding down its content roadmap this month.

In any case, there's sure to be some nice surprises at the Capcom Showcase, even if they'll most likely be for games we already know about. Capcom did recently run a survey on which Resident Evil game fans would like to see remade next, but it'll be early days yet to show off whatever game that could be.

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