Capcom could be remaking yet another Resident Evil game

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Capcom has recently reached out to a few ambassadors via a survey in hopes of gaging which Resident Evil title it should remake next. 

The survey mostly included questions about its social media, website, and merchandise asking whether fans enjoyed the content available and if they would like to receive more. For the most part, it was your average marketing questionnaire. However, the penultimate question raised some eyebrows. 

At the end of the survey, fans were asked which next title in the long-standing survival horror series they’d like to see remade next. While content in Resident Evil seems to be endless with the countless DLC’s, remakes, and spin-offs; there are likely only a few titles that would be viable contenders for the next coveted remake. 

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The franchise has recently achieved major success with the Resident Evil 4 remake receiving stellar reviews across the board. This remake now joins the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 in games that Capcom has breathed new life into. While all three titles were warmly received, there are some that have the potential to fall flat. 

One Resident Evil remake I wouldn’t be enthusiastic to play would be Resident Evil 5. While the title had a positive reception, it’s hard to look back at gameplay and trailers and not see where the allegations of racism came from. The game played some part in reducing the entire continent of Africa into a Westernized and deeply problematic caricature of the “dark continent” with endless violence and unbridled lust. Not a great look back then and certainly not something I’d want to see again. 

Luckily, there are a lot of avenues for Capcom to go down, with the likes of Resident Evil Code: Veronica still in the running after it was passed up in favor of Resident Evil 4 for the recent remake. Capcom has also proved yet again with its recent release of Street Fighter 6 that making new games isn’t hard for the seasoned publisher, so maybe fans will get something new and unexpected for the next title in the series. I, for one, wouldn’t pass up on an opportunity like that. 

For now fans will to make do with the games already on offer, including one highly-anticipated Code Veronica fan remake that'll hopefully be dropping sometime soon.

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