It looks like Apple will be cutting jobs after all

Apple headquarters
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Despite its best efforts to preserve roles, Apple looks to have been forced to announce job cuts - although not to the same degree as rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

According to a Bloomberg report, “development and preservation teams” responsible for building stores and other facilities are at risk of redundancy, along with some other managerial roles.

The precise number of affected positions in unclear, however Apple is calling this a “streamlining effort” as opposed to mass layoffs which it has so publicly been avoiding over recent months, with CEO Tim Cook calling them a “last resort kind of thing.”

Apple job cuts

With its latest announcement, it looks like the iPhone maker is re-evaluating some less necessary roles to cut unnecessary costs rather than drastically reduce headcount, which is said to present affected workers with the opportunity to reapply for other roles within the organization.

Those who are unsuccessful in their application may be entitled to up to fourth months’ pay as part of a wider redundancy package, too.

Even unaffected workers won’t go unscathed though, as the company continues to closely monitor office attendance as it backturns on its previous hybrid working stance, which some workers believe could be a ploy to fund the basis of future dismissals.

Similarly, a previous ban on hiring seemingly remains in place with many vacancies remaining unfilled as Apple tries to rein in its spending.

More broadly, Google workers have publicly discussed their preference for taking pay cuts and other cost-cutting measures rather than being subject to mass layoffs, despite the company’s announcement of a 12,000 headcount reduction at the start of the year, suggesting that Apple may have one of the most satisfied workforces in Big Tech (at least, given the circumstances).

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