Now we know the cost of Outlook Premium with custom domains

Outlook Premium Pilot

More details have emerged about Premium, with pricing being revealed via a landing page for the service.

The premium service will cost $3.99 per month (around £2.80, or AU$5.30) for a subscription, although it will be free for the first year.

As you may recall, when we reported on this back in February, it was supposed to be free for those who subscribe to Office 365 – as mentioned in the initial 'pilot' page for the service shown above – and that could well still be the idea (as an extra incentive to sign up for the subscription version of the productivity suite).

At any rate, if you've been thinking about snagging the service as a standalone affair, now you know how much you'll be forking out. The total yearly cost would be $48 (around £34, or AU$64), although there may be a discount for signing up for a full year.

As (which spotted this development) notes, this price could of course be tweaked. Currently Outlook Premium is an invite-only affair and is still under testing. There's no clear timeframe for when it will be launched, but the fact that pricing is being mentioned is a good sign it's not too far away from fruition.

When it does kick-off, the premium service will offer a fully ad-free inbox, along with five personalised email addresses with custom domains (which will be provided by GoDaddy). Calendars, documents and contacts will also be automatically shared across these five email addresses.

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