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Skype celebrates record user numbers

Skype celebrates record user numbers this month
Skype celebrates record user numbers this month

Skype recently launched its video-calling service on Apple's iPhone, with the leading VoIP operator subsequently recording a record number of users this month.

Skype had over 27 million users signing onto the service at the same time earlier this week at peak hours, around two million more than it usually gets at such times.

Qik deal announcement

The bump in user figures also follows Skype's recent announcement that it has acquired video streaming service Qik.

Research firm Telegeography recently reported that Skype users used around 102.5 billion call minutes in the past year, which basically means that around one in five international calls was made over Skype during this time.

Skype suffered from a whole 24-hours of downtime late December 2010 – something of a PR disaster for the company.

However, the VoIP giant now seems to have smoothed over those problems, with the recent iOS and Qik announcements certainly helping to improve its image amongst users.

Via GigaOM