How to set up a business on eBay

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If you already have an online store, many of the leading e-commerce platforms allow you to integrate eBay into your existing store. Consumers desire seamless experiences when they are looking for items to buy.

Being able to offer them eBay stores as well as your own is a great way to gain loyalty. There are a number of e-commerce platforms that can also integrate with eBay including:

One of the most important aspects of any eBay store is the quality of the images. People that buy on eBay want to see what they are purchasing. The better your images, the more sales you will make – it's as simple as that.

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Try and make your images as appealing and attractive as possible, and don't forget to optimise them for the web to ensure they download quickly. Customers want pages that load fast, and won't wait for large images to appear. You can even buy third-party store templates to use for your new eBay business. Leading services include Auctiva and Vendio.

Once your store is live on eBay you can start to promote it. You can use a couple of tools that eBay offers to help you shout about your new business. The first is called the Markdown Manager and it allows you to set a discount of between 5% and 50% that will automatically appear on all items you attach the discount to.

The second service that eBay offers is the email newsletter. Your store can have an option to 'sign up for store newsletter'. The tool allows you to create newsletters that can be used to promote your store to everyone who has expressed an interest in hearing more about your store and business.

Your eBay checklist

Follow this checklist to ensure you set up your eBay store properly and give it the best chance of success.

1. Do your research to see how other businesses in your sector are using eBay. Ask yourself what can you do better?

2. Ensure the design of your store is engaging and professional. Make sure your text is search engine friendly and that each image is attractive and optimised for the web.

3. Look closely at all the costs associated with your business before deciding on the prices you will charge.

4. A good reputation is vital on eBay – some people won't buy from stores with a lower positive comments percentage. Deal with problems quickly and efficiently to protect your reputation.

5. Track every aspect of your store to see what is working and what needs to be changed. Stores that are updated regularly achieve more sales.

6. Use the social media networks including Facebook and Twitter to make personal connections with your existing and potential customers.

Opening a store on eBay is now quick and easy. With a raft of promotional opportunities and a ready and waiting audience for your goods, what are you waiting for?