Loophole lets you get Office 365 for cheap

Is Office 365 becoming more popular?
Is Office 365 becoming more popular?

Microsoft's Office 365 Personal application suite can apparently be converted to an Office 365 Home package for as little as £7.99 (or $9.99) using a simple trick.

Users only have to upgrade their Personal account and pay for one month of Home subscription then cancel it. Doing so apparently doesn't revert the subscription back to the initial original account.

The personal version of Office 365 is usually bundled for free with cheap tablets like the Linx 7 or the Pipo W2. The only difference is that you get five licenses rather than one, i.e. you can use Office on up to 15 devices (five PCs, five tablets and five phones) rather than just three.

Hour of power

In addition, each account gets 1TB storage (soon to change to unlimited) and 60 minutes of Skype per month. What makes it a more enticing loophole is that you can stack Personal subscriptions and convert them in one swoop to the Home account.

The hack was still working at the time of writing and you can find more details on Paul Thurott's website and HUKD.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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