Infrascale opens FileLocker public cloud

FileLocker enters the public cloud

Software-as-a-service company Infrascale is launching a cloud-hosted version of its file sharing application FileLocker aimed at small businesses looking to host their data within the UK.

It is offering to host FileLocker along with storage in its own London-based data centre for a monthly fee of £6 per user as an alternative to being deployed on-premise in a company's private cloud.

It says the service, which will be available from July 1, allows smaller enterprises to comply with the Data Protection Act by keeping their data in the UK and removes the need to make upfront investments in hardware.

FileLocker provides document collaboration features, unlimited web space for sharing files, unlimited versioning (data archiving), secure file and folder synching (including desktop support), and support for mobile devices.

Military grade storage

Infrascale claims its UK data centre used for FileLocker deployments provides 'military grade data storage', which includes round-the-clock surveillance, biometric credential checks, backup generators, and temperature and military controls.

Additionally, files are protected with a user's personal password before being transferred from the desktops to FileLocker's cloud over a 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) connection.

Ken Shaw, CEO of Infrascale, said: "Businesses in the UK are adopting file sharing at an alarming rate, which improves their productivity massively.

"However, the downside is that most of these apps store data in the US, clearly outside of the wishes of the DPA."

Kane Fulton
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