IDrive claims to be fastest S3-compatible cloud storage around

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Challenger cloud storage provider IDrive has added yet another service to its portfolio with the newcomer, E2 Cloud storage (opens in new tab), positioned as a rival to AWS S3, Wasabi, Azure and BackBlaze B2. IDrive claims that it is the world’s fastest S3 compatible cloud storage and we’ve approached the company to find out more about the finer details of this.

The headline features of E2 are absence of Egress and Ingress fees, in line with what many rivals are doing, plus the ability to choose to pay either monthly per storage unit or yearly. 

As an exclusive introductory price for TechRadar Pro readers, IDrive is offering a 75% discount on the first year (opens in new tab) when you pay annually.

1TB cloud storage has a RRP of $40 annually but our readers can get this for only $10. 2TB, 5TB, 10TB, 50TB and 100TB packages are also available with prices being proportional to the size of the package; the 50TB carries a RRP $2000 with TechRadar readers able to grab it for $500.

Alternatively, IDrive offers per TB/Month as low as $4 per month, which compares positively with BackBlaze B2 and Wasabi. Compared to AWS S3, that’s a saving of 80% and the service benefits from a wide compatibility across third party tools.

10GB for free

Clearly this is not your bog-standard cloud storage solution which means that you will need to have the expertise to deal with a web console, access keys, buckets and more.

Furthermore, with only eight locations, IDrive offers less geographical coverage compared to AWS or Azure; but it is nonetheless as secure with “eleven 9s data durability” and “immutable storage with object lock”.

Anyone can create an account and receive the first 10GB of storage for free; you will need to provide your credit card details should you go beyond your allocated quota. 

E2 joins the likes of IDrive for Business, IDrive 360, IDrive BMR Appliance and IDrive compute in IDrive’s enterprise-focused stable. 

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