Huawei enhances mobile payment system

 Huawei is looking to speed up the worldwide adoption of Huawei Pay by signing a co-operation agreement with UnionPay International. 

The two companies, who are working together for the first time since they initially created Huawei Pay, are looking to make mobile payments work more seamlessly. Under the new agreement, Huawei and Honor mobile phone users outside China will able to add UnionPay  bank cards to a phone that has Huawei Pay enabled and, by placing phones next to Union Pay-supported POS terminal, make a quick payment. The companies have implemented payment token technology to enable transactions to be more secure.

Huawei Pay is already supported by 66 banks and is compatible with 20 mobile devices including various mobile phones and smart watches. Russia will be the first country outside China to receive the service. Currently, UnionPay bank cards are accepted in 85% of Russian territory, with over 400,000 POS terminals supporting UnionPay quick payment. More than 10 Russian banks have issued nearly 1.3 million UnionPay bank cards.

Digital future

Zhang Ping'an, president of Huawei consumer cloud services, said, "Open sharing is an important direction for the future of digital economy and intellectual interconnection, which is why Huawei end-user cloud services build an open and globalized smart mobile ecosystem for the end users. Huawei hopes to work with partners such as UnionPay International to provide more secure and convenient mobile payment services to each and every user of Huawei smart device around the world.