Horizon Forbidden West may have a PSVR 2 virtual reality companion game

Horizon Forbidden West
(Image credit: Sony)

What’s better than dinosaurs? Robot dinosaurs. What’s better than robot dinosaurs? Robot dinosaurs in virtual reality. And that may well be exactly what we’ll all be getting when the PSVR 2 finally releases, according to a new rumor.

According to Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker, sources close to the matter claim that Sony’s in-house Firespirte studio is “working on a Horizon VR game” that will be distinct from the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West title, but set in the same universe.

“I didn’t get told if it’s a full-blown game like Half-Life: Alyx, or if it’s an “experience” like that Batman [Arkham VR] thing. That part I don’t know,” said Baker.

While it’s far from official confirmation, Baker has a good track record with getting accurate pre-release information, so it’s definitely one rumor worth considering.

New VR gear on the horizon

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a potential VR version of the Horizon games. Back in 2019, Sony’s premier VR studio, Sony London Studio, was rumored to be working on a game set in the Horizon universe. But nothing seemed to come of it.

Elsewhere, Sony recently purchased developer Firesprite, and its experience in making VR titles seemed to be the primary reason – its game, The Persistence, was one of the original PSVR’s top horror titles.

It’s likely that the Horizon VR title could be a full blown adventure, rather than a short VR experience. Sony has stated that for the PSVR 2, it wants to aim for full-length, triple-A titles akin to its regular console offerings.

As for when we’ll see either the PSVR 2, or this rumored Horizon VR title, all we can do at the moment is speculate. Next Christmas would be a safe bet to see the headset land, and a franchise with as big an audience as Horizon would make a great companion for the hardware’s launch.

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