Honor Magic V is a work of designing wonder

Honor Magic V
(Image credit: Honor)

Every tiny detail of the Honor Magic V has been carefully considered to ensure that it is a premium product in every way, and that's thanks to Honor's exceptional manufacturing process. It has a gorgeous 6.45-inch OLED exterior display that ensures colours on the screen look fantastically vibrant. It's a good looking phone in more ways than that though, thanks to its symmetrical design and an ultra-thin unfolded profile of just 6.7mm. Once unfolded, you gain a beautiful extra-wide 7.9-inch creaseless 120Hz display too that's able to deliver up to 1.07 billion colours via IMAX enhanced technology. 

Powerful features are great and all, but what if the phone design looks a mess due to inferior construction? That simply won't happen with the Honor Magic V thanks to Honor's fantastic focus on producing outstanding smartphones. Honor is all about ensuring you get truly innovative new features rather than incremental changes, all while being designed in a stylish and reliable way you simply can't get elsewhere. Much of that is thanks to Honor's design process. 

Exceptional standards every time

The mobile giant has created its own set of quality standards. In all, it has over 600 quality standards that cover design, development, the materials used, manufacturing process, and ensuring your experience using its phones is exceptional. Over the years, it has worked hard through in-depth research and development to ensure its consumers get the best phones every time, while still producing them at a tremendous rate. 

With industry-leading laboratories at the Honor Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, all Honor phones including the Honor Magic V are tested in every way to ensure they are remarkably sturdy and robust, while also looking great. The park consists of a reliability laboratory, regulatory lab, and an environmental protection laboratory so that every phone is designed to be durable, as well as ethically sound too.

Within the industrial park, one mobile phone is completed on average every 28.5 seconds thanks to some great automation. The park is equipped with industry-leading high precision automatic manufacturing technology which includes an automatic precision assembly machine. 

Such automation ensures a reduction in the variation of each device and any potential defects that can be caused by human error. For you, that means greater consistency in the quality of all Honor smartphones.

Particularly when it comes to installing the 89 degrees Super Curved Display used in Honor smartphones, the process means that assembly precision of up to 75 microns (about a hair's diameter) is achieved so, simply put, your smartphone is perfect. 

 Expertly designed

Honor Magic V

(Image credit: Honor)

In the case of the Honor Magic V, the phone is made from three aerospace-grade materials so it's incredibly durable, meaning you want it to look perfect. Impressively, the 213 high-precision parts that form its opening and closing mechanism have been tested 200,000 times. Thanks to such attention to detail, you can be guaranteed of a durable phone that's been expertly made every step of the way. 

Honor works in partnership with over 1,100 global industry partners to ensure that its production line is consistently high quality and always striving to be even better than before. With over 100 innovation labs worldwide, it focuses on key areas including camera technology, reliability and sustainability, as well as advanced telecommunications. That leads to the best-made phones that provide you with the technology you can show off to your mates, all while being confident that this is a phone manufacturer keen to be more responsible in its treatment of the environment. 

Keen to build upon its previous success, Honor is all about making true flagship devices for anyone who wants the best smartphone possible and is bored of gradual changes elsewhere. With the Magic V offering a hefty step forward for technology, and Honor's labs ensuring innovation is at the forefront of its mind, it's worth keeping a close eye on the company this year.