Epson showcases ultimate fish screensaver

Let's face it - it's going to look better than this
Let's face it - it's going to look better than this

Epson is touting the first Full HD live broadcast from under the Red Sea, in what could be considered the ultimate screensaver.

Fish have been a screensaver for PCs across the globe for decades, and although Epson's underwater showcase at Photokina is to show off its projectors and not really meant to save screen burn, it's certainly not hard to draw parallels.

At least, that's our stance, and we're sticking to it.

"This exhibit and Full HD live broadcast is a unique opportunity to bring images of the stunning Red Sea to a wider audience," said David Pilsof, producer of the Epson Red Sea event, held in Eilat, Israel

Sharp and colourful

"Sharp and colourful images, created using high-quality Epson projectors, and exciting underwater events will delight visitors and give them an impression of the beauty of underwater nature.

Ido perkal's 2009 photo winner

"That's why we are happy and proud to work with Epson as professional imaging partner."

Interestingly a screen/fishtank hybrid was mooted by sci-fi author Robert Heinlein in his classic Strangers in a Strange Land back in 1961. Fact.

Epson has a long history of conservation projects in the Red Sea, and TechRadar hopes that its latest Photokina showcase helps a worthy cause.

You can see the broadcasts, when they go online, at

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