Hollow Knight Silksong is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one

Hollow Knight: Silksong SGF 2022
(Image credit: Team Cherry)

Hollow Knight fans have been desperate for news on the sequel to the gorgeous Metroidvania and while Microsoft showed off a lot of new footage of the game as part of its Xbox and Bethesda Showcase it kept quiet on a key detail.

The Hollow Knight Silksong trailer confirmed that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, which is excellent news for fans who are looking to dive into the sequel on day one. Although, one of the things that players will have been looking out for is a release date, some hint at the end of their anticipation but that was left off the trailer.

Instead, in a later segment, Microsoft’s Sarah Bond confirmed that all the games showed in tonight’s showcase will be playable in the next 12 months. So at least we know we won’t be waiting on Silksong in 2024 – though having a little bit of a more accurate window for the game’s release would be nice.

While the new Hollow Knight Silksong trailer didn’t go deep into any key features of the game, it did show off a lot of what made the original game so engaging is returning – starting with that simply gorgeous, clean line art style.

Give it a watch below:

Still, Team Cherry, stop this endless wait and let us know the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date.

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