Google wants to make your job search easier

Google has powered up its search engine to show detailed information about vacant job positions, so that those hunting for employment will be able to see what’s on offer from sources drawn from across the web.

As Google explains, this is the next step in its Google for Jobs initiative that uses machine learning to provide smarter job recommendations and search facilities.

And starting from today in the US, those entering search queries related to job hunting on Google’s main page will receive in-depth results from a multitude of sources which include heavyweights such as LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and Facebook.

This new facility will be active on both desktop and mobile, and will provide a host of extra information in addition to basic stuff such as the job description, including elements like reviews of the employer in question, and details pertaining to the length of the commute (assuming the user has given Google access to their location and so forth).

Filters for the win

The idea is to provide powerful job search functionality right at the user’s fingertips on the main Google search engine, and the company says it plans to add more filters to help job seekers whittle down potential positions in the future, not to mention additional details on available positions.

For added convenience going forward with any job hunt, it will also be possible to turn on alerts for a particular job search, with Google sending a notification via email when relevant new positions are advertised online.

We should hopefully see this functionality introduced in the UK (and other territories) before too long, but for now, as mentioned, this is a US-only proposition.

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