Google Hire now available at bigger businesses

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Google has announced that it is expanding its ML-powered recruitment service Hire to help make the hiring process easier and more streamlined for enterprise organizations with thousands of employees.

The company is adding a number of expanded capabilities for enterprises as it looks to extend its recruitment service beyond its initial focus on SMBs.

Tracking down the right approvers for new job requisitions can be a time-consuming task which is why Google has enhanced the requisition and the company now offers approval flows to automatically suggest approvers for new job requisitions or offers.

A referral portal has also been added to Hire in an effort to encourage employees to source top talent which can result in thousands of referrals for a large organization. A set of interactive reports is no available as well to help empower more informed decision making to allow enterprises to make the most of their data and optimize complex hiring processes.

Google Hire

Google has also expanded Hire's connection to other HR services through APIs and pre-built interrogations with Namely, Sapling, AppogeeHR and Zenefits.

Namely's President and Chief Revenue Officer Graham Younger explained how deeper integration with Google's recruitment service has helped speed up the onboarding process for HR departments, saying:

“Our deep integration with Hire by Google helps joint clients streamline the earliest interactions between an employee and their company. By using Google’s robust architecture to instantly create a new employee record in Namely each time an applicant is hired, we’re speeding the onboarding process for HR and creating a better employee experience from the initial interview to the first day on the job.”

Businesses interested in adding Hire to their existing HR software can learn more at its site or even schedule a demo to try out the service firsthand.

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