Google Cloud launches new support option for your most vital workloads

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As even a minute of downtime can mean millions of lost revenue, Google Cloud is launching a new support option for its Premium Support customers called Mission Critical Services (MCS).

The new support option is Google Cloud's latest effort to provide enterprises with additional support as they scale their businesses using the search giant's global infrastructure.

Over the last 12 months, the company has overhauled its Voice of the Customer Programs, expanded its Customer Advisory Boards and launched a brand-new independently run Google Cloud customer community (C2C). Google Cloud also rolled out Event Management Services for businesses dealing with peak traffic loads, introduced new Compliance and Security Assessments and Assured Workloads to help customers in heavily regulated industries configure their cloud environments.

Mission Critical Services

Unlike other premium services that offload the entire burden of mission-critical support to the cloud vendor, MCS is a consultative offering in which Google Cloud partners with businesses on a journey toward readiness. However, what makes MCS really stand out is the fact that it's built on the same methodologies Google uses in support its own infrastructure including a set of core concepts and methods used by its Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams over the past two decades.

When rolling out MCS at an organization, Google Cloud works with organizations using a step-by-step process through assessment, remediation and onboarding. The MCS team is also there to help businesses drive continuous improvement of their environment through biannual tune-ups, architecture reviews and other ongoing check-ins.

VP of customer experience at Google Cloud, John Jester provided further insight on how MCS will work in a blog post, saying:

“Our highest tier of engineers will have deep familiarity with your workloads, allowing us to monitor, prevent, and mitigate impacts quickly, delivering the fastest response in the industry. For example, if you have any issues--24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week--we’ll spin up a live, war room with our experts within five minutes.”

MCS is now available for Google Cloud's Premium Support customers that have the minimum recommended Technical Account Manager coverage and have qualified mission-critical environments.

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