Google Chrome is finally making this important privacy tweak

Google Chrome browser app on iPhone
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Google Chrome is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow extension users on the browser to enable and disable extensions on a per-site basis in a move that’s set to be a significant improvement over the current ‘on/off for all’ toggle.

With so many types of Google Chrome extensions available, some users may not want e-commerce extensions tracking them across different sites, while others may inhibit some web pages’ performance.

Disable Chrome extension per site

While users can currently enable and disable extensions at will, a new tool spotted by a Reddit user will automatically apply the same setting on a per-site basis, so that users will no longer need to remember their preferences. 

Microsoft Edge has already implemented a similar “pause extensions on this site” feature as the company looks to push its browser to more Windows users. Like Chrome, Safari users currently have to fully disable extensions to avoid them being active on certain sites.

According to a Chromium code review, the option will be housed in the extension menu near to the address bar. 

The update is currently in development and may take several months before it is generally available to Chrome users. What’s more, Bleeping Computer suggests that it may be testing on an A/B mode so not all users will be able to get a sneak preview. 

Regardless, when it does become available, its effects will likely be felt by many. Chrome currently accounts for two-thirds (66%) of all desktop web sessions according to the latest Statcounter figures, way ahead of Edge in second place (11%) and Safari in third (9%). 

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