Google Calendar makes it harder for your boss to pester you outside work hours

Google Calendar
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Google Calendar now has an updated Work Hours feature, which should make it easier for you to manage your work-life balance by avoiding commitments outside your regular office hours.

Working Hours has been around for a while, letting you define when you're going to be available for meetings and other engagements. If someone attempts to schedule an appointment that goes outside those times, Google Calendar will issue a warning that you might decline.

It's a handy feature that helps avoid the awkwardness of telling someone you'd rather head home and crash on the sofa at the end of the day, but until now it's been necessary to activate it through the app's settings.

Now, as 9to5Google reports, Work Hours is enabled by default – even if you haven't told the app exactly when you clock in and out of the office each day.

A balancing act

When the update reaches you, Google Calendar will estimate roughly when your work day begins and ends based on previous appointments and present these times in a pop-up window. If they're not quite right, you can edit them before proceeding.

The updated Working Hours tool is rolling out for G Suite users now, and will be arriving for free Google Calendar users soon.

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