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Why you need a modern POS system


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The best new POS systems enable businesses to quickly and easily accept payments from customers; this includes everything from hotel rooms to hot dogs. But the days of the humble cash-only register are long gone. As the world of personal finance evolves, so too must POS systems.

The days of the POS cash-only register have long past and customers now expect:

✔ To for items using their credit or debit card

✔ To pay using NFC-enabled e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay on smartphones 

✔ Readily available contactless payment methods for safety, such as Visa Tap to Pay

✔ To quickly and securely process other payment methods and transactions, such as refunds, stored credit, gift cards etc. all from one location and one payment terminal. Data security and privacy is a key part of modern consumer confidence in a brand and a legal obligation

✔ To shop for products on-the-go across multiple retail touchpoints and pay for them anywhere an internet connection is available, both online and instore.

A point of sale or POS system can empower your business to offer all these services to meet customer expectations and optimise your business operations.

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How a modern POS system can help you manage your business

The best POS systems help your business leverage advances in POS hardware so you can:

  • Better understand customer spending habits
  • Manage inventories of all sizes 
  • Offer practical services like on-floor payment processing and price checking

This flexibility when it comes to accepting payments will lead to faster transactions, more sales and greater satisfaction among your customers.

A modern EMV ready, PCI DSS compliant integrated POS system can do wonders for your front-end operations—but which is the right one for your unique business? We'll help you find out: get a free POS system quote today. 

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