Wii MotionPlus tech not exclusive to Nintendo

Is the tech behind WiiMotion Plus going to be picked up by other games companies?

InvenSense, the company that developed the tech behind Nitnendo's forthcoming highly accurate Wii MotionPlus motion controller, has confirmed that their deal with Nintendo is NOT exclusive, which means they are able to sell the tech to any other interested parties.

This begs the question – will Sony or Microsoft look towards investing in InvenSense's new motion-control tech?

"Of course we're incredibly pleased – delighted would probably be a better adjective – that Nintendo approached us... but it's not an exclusive relationship," Joe Virginia, InvenSense's VP of wireless business and corporate communications, told Eurogamer.

"I can't get into details about other folks that are interested in this technology, but as you might imagine, of course there is more interest out there."

Six degrees of freedom

"With six degrees of freedom you can basically make any movement at all, and be able to track that in combination with the sensor bar and other sensors included in the Wii remote," Virgina added.

"Add the gyroscope capability and you have the ability to work in all three dimensions of space."

You can see more about the tech behind Wii MotionPlus in our E3 news from last month.