New Nintendo Classic Controller Pro

Nintendo releasing new Classic Controller Pro in Japan this summer

A new classic model Wii controller is headed to Japan this summer, called the the Classic Controller Pro.

The controller is pretty much designed along the lines of the current Classic Controller with the addition of a few prongs sticking out of the bottom.

Nintendo UK told CVG that it currently has no plans to bring the controller out in the UK. However, don't fret, because we still have the release of the new Wii RemotePlus later this spring, to look forward to.

Nintendo DualShock?

The Classic Controller Pro features extra shoulder buttons, DualShock style with further details (in Japanese) on Nintendo's Nintendo's website.

EA and Sega are the first publishers to commit to developing Wii games that support Wii RemotePlus, with Virtua Tennis and Tiger Woods 10 set to follow Nintendo's own Wii Sports Resort later this summer.