Latest Dungeons & Dragons on Surface PC

Microsoft shows off new Dungeons and Dragons game for Surface PC

Microsoft has been showing off the latest developments in a new version of the classic RPG Dungeons and Dragons for its touch-screen Surface PC.

While the game itself is not an 'official' D&D product, Microsoft is certainly keen to use it to show off the capabilities of Surface PC for gaming.

Microsoft notes over on the Surface Blog that:

"The SurfaceScapes team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University gives us a very clear explanation of how this project works, from the networked Dungeon Master laptop that controls much of the experience to just how the more fleshed-out interface will work."

Touchscreen RPG future

The blog adds that "the SurfaceScapes guys have big plans for the project," which they show off a little in a demo video now hosted on the Microsoft site.

"Team member Michael Lewis offers the official Surface blog some expert insight into the creation of the D&D port, which budding developers and tabletop role-playing gamers with deep pockets will definitely want to read."

Like RPGs? Head over to the Microsoft Surface Blog to get excited about the future of collaborative role-playing games and check out the awesome gameplay video with D&D on Microsoft Surface.