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What's in a name? Easily-faked pic suggests Xbox Infinity

What's in a name? Easily-faked pic suggests Xbox Infinity
Well this looks... childish

A picture image showing off a new Xbox logo has surfaced, suggesting that the new Xbox will be named Xbox Infinity.

However! Before you start getting all excited about the infinite possibilities of such a name, there's great doubt being cast on the image, not least by the finance-fanciers over at Forbes.

While the Xbox Infinity image below comes from Reddit or possibly Twitter, no one seems entirely sure, Forbes' own Microsoft sources in Seattle sent Forbes a different image (above) which suggests that the console will be known simply as Xbox.

Xbox Infinity

Credit: Forbes

Infinite jest

Infinite's not a bad name - particularly if you consider the fact that today's consoles are much more than pure gaming devices - but it may cause problems for successive releases.

After all, where do you go from infinity? There's nowhere you can go, it's infinite. It carries on forever.

Anyway, we'll find out for sure when Microsoft unveils its new Xbox on May 21. We'll be on hand to bring you all the name-related news as it breaks, as well as everything else you could possibly hope to know about the thing.

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