TechRadar Tip Off: Better hurry! The PlayStation 4 is back in stock (for now)

The phantom beast has been seen in the wild again

The elusive PlayStation 4 is back in stock on Amazon for $399.99! We'll keep this Tip Off nice and short so you can click add-to-cart as fast as your mouse can.

Though not on sale, the PS4 is pretty much already a deal and always out of stock or sold through third parties for twice or three times the price.

That's why this Tip Off is all about letting you know that the popular next-gen console is back again - and probably only for a limited time before every one and their mother snatches it up.

There aren't too many amazing games for the console, but that's where the magic lies: it's not merely a gaming machine.

It's great for movies, music and TV with all the apps that are constantly being added. Heck, you'll be able to use the HBO Go app soon (though you can use it now on the PS3).

For under $470 you can pick up an extra Dualshock controller - though the PS camera and PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset seem to be out of stock already.