The cheapest Nintendo Wii U deals in February 2024

The Nintendo Wii U is no longer in production, so the chances of finding a deal on the console - let alone a new one in stock - is increasingly rare. Nevertheless, we're keeping this page live to direct you to any unopened consoles we find, as well as more affordable second-hand Nintendo Wii U deals. That way you can pick from either of these should you wish to try out the maligned console for yourself.

Yes, it's true, the Nintendo Wii U was a considerable flop. All eyes were on the house of Mario after the huge success of the Nintendo Wii and 3DS to see what their next hardware could do. In the end, the cumbersome console and handheld hybrid struggled to establish itself. It was built upon some fascinating ideas, though - ones that were much better realised with the company's hugely successful Nintendo Switch.

The Wii U has had a bit of a re-evaluation in recent years by those who look past its faults to see it as a fascinating piece of console history. That's made the second-hand market quite competitive, so you may not be able to pick up a console for as cheap as you would imagine, but it's usually around $100/£100. Still, this is the place we'd suggest looking instead of brand new consoles as hardly any are available - and when they are, they're extremely overpriced. To eBay, then!

And while there are some strong games in its lineup, practically all of the popular ones have been ported over to modern consoles. A cheap Nintendo Switch bundle may be a better place to spend your money, then, so at least you get some modern hardware. You can now more easily find the Nintendo Switch OLED if you want the latest version.

Nevertheless, we're still tracking any Nintendo Wii U deals we find just below. To reiterate, these are almost certainly going to be overpriced or show limited stock, so definitely consider the second-hand market before you spend hundreds on a brand-new one.

Wii U game deals

The Wii U hasn't enjoyed the same success as the original Wii console, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of incredible exclusives to enjoy. We've rounded up some of the best ones in a comparison chart below. So if you decide to add a Wii U to your console collection, be sure to take a look at these games while you can - or check out their remastered versions on the Nintendo Switch.

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