Dying Light 2 skill trees let you become a zombie-slaying, parkour master

Dying Light 2
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Developer Techland has shared a brief primer explaining how Dying Light 2's two skill trees work, ahead of the game's release in February.

In a short video, Techland explained that players will have access to a combat skill tree and a parkour skill tree. The combat tree is dedicated entirely to unlocking and improving your combat skills, while parkour skills improve your movement capabilities.

Some examples of skills include a grapple to throw enemies to the side using their momentum and a double jump to reach higher areas.

There are separate combat and parkour experience points. So, for example, beating enemies will only net you points you can spend on the combat skill tree. Also, performing well in combat and using complex and skillful movements for parkour will reward you with more points. Completing quests will grant experience points for both skill trees.

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Dying to know more?

This news comes only a day after Techland announced the date of its final Dying 2 Know behind-the-scenes video, which promises to include a 'huge info dump' about the game.

It will air next week on January 13 and will be hosted once again by Leah Alexandra, as well as Jonah Scott, the voice of Dying Light 2's main protagonist Aiden Caldwell.

After being delayed a couple of times, Dying Light 2 is now poised to release on February 4 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. A cloud version will also release for the Nintendo Switch.

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