Diablo 4's authentication servers are down, preventing players from logging in

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Activision / Blizzard)

Diablo 4 players with early access are struggling to log in due to ongoing issues with Blizzard's authentication servers.

The problem first came to light on Diablo 4's subreddit, with players reporting problems with accessing the server. It seems that after selecting their character, players are told "queued for game – start game pending"... and then nothing happens. At all. 

In the last half hour, Blizzard has acknowledged the issue on its social media channels, stating: "Diablo 4: We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts."

As yet there's been no further update, but at least we know that Blizzard is on the case, eh?

For the most part, it looks like Diablo 4 has gotten off to a refreshingly smooth early access launch period across most platforms… well, unless you're playing on PS5, that is.

Some players reported that, despite having purchased Diablo 4's Deluxe or Ultimate editionsthey were struggling to get past the login phase for the four-day early access period. 

We awarded the action RPG an impressive five out of five stars, calling it "a meticulously crafted action RPG [that] sets a new standard for isometric, open-world adventures".

"Perhaps Diablo 4’s most adventurous quality is the move towards an open world in the 'modern' sense," we wrote in our Diablo 4 review.

"What could have been a featureless, bland expanse is, instead, a delight. Brimming with intrigue and danger, the open world of Sanctuary fits the Diablo formula like a glove, providing the space in which the game’s macabre aesthetic and bold mechanical design cohere beautifully."