Dell: Why data can be the key to your business transformation

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Businesses around the world are set to transform even more as the need for data and the systems to analyse it evolve in coming years, Dell’s UK head has said.

Speaking at the Dell Technologies Forum UK event in London today, company senior Vice President UK & Ireland Claire Vyvyan outlined how the increase of data is set to spell big changes for companies of all sizes and across all industries.

“The next five years in technology will probably see as much development in all our businesses and services as the last 50 least since the invention of the Internet,” she told attendees.


Last month, company founder Michael Dell unveiled how the business hopes to use its technology and scale to advance healthcare, education and economic opportunity initiatives to deliver better lives for a billion people across the world by 2030.

And Vyvyan outlined how the systems that are needed to make the most of this data explosion are already common today, with the likes of AI, 5G and hybrid cloud gradually making their way into many leading businesses.

“The world is going to be awash with data,” she noted, but this information would go to waste unless the systems needed to analyse and draw useful conclusions from the data are in place.

“Humans can’t do it all,” she noted, “the next five years will be about emerging technology helping us.”

Vyvyan stated that Dell is “really focused on driving human progress”, largely by furthering the development of new technology to be a driving force in digital transformation across all industries and companies of all sizes.

“All of our lives are going to be transformed by technology,” she added, “(this technology) will help evolve entire economies as a whole.”

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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