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Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 is our portable Xbox console

Windows Phone 7 is the Xbox portable
Windows Phone 7 is the Xbox portable

Microsoft has described Windows Phone 7 as its mobile console ahead of the launch of the PSP Phone and the Nintendo 3DS.

Although it has enjoyed great success with its Xbox brand, Microsoft has not taken a stab at the mobile console sector dominated by Nintendo in recent years.

Sony's PSP has been less of a success, but the PlayStation brand is set to move into the mobile sector with the PSP Phone from Sony Ericsson,.

Mobile platform for games

With Nintendo's latest portable console – the Nintendo 3DS – launching in a week's time, Microsoft's senior director of PC and mobile gaming Kevin Unangst told Kotaku that its new mobile OS Windows Phone 7 represented the company's mobile gaming efforts.

"This is our mobile platform for games," said Unangst, "The same people who make the Halo game, the same development folks, work on this, this is our mobile console."

The Xbox brand has been heavily used within Windows Phone 7, with the OS utilising the brand for its games.

Talk of an Xbox handheld has persisted for some time, but it appears that Microsoft is concentrating on its home entertainment console and leaving the mobile gaming to the mobile phone and tablet – for not at least.

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