Dell adds server streaming capability to virtualisation software

WSM 6 allows server provisioning on the fly

Dell has added server streaming capability to the latest release of its Dell Wyse WSM desktop and application virtualisation software.

The company's new Wyse Streaming Manager (WSM) 6 management tool delivers virtualised operating systems and applications to both diskless cloud and traditional PCs from a central deployment server.

Because the desktop operating system and applications are executed locally on the client, Dell says the client is given the same look, performance feel and function of a traditional desktop PC, but with data stored in the data centre, rather than on end user devices.

With no OS on the client, management, support and updates are taken care of centrally and take less time than in a traditional distributed environment, Dell claims.


It says there have also been improvements in the integration of logging and auditing with Active Directory and support for 64-bit applications.

Dell Wyse also now enables server and desktop streaming tor virtual machines running on Hyper-V or VMware ESX 5.1.

Dell is offering businesses the option of testing and evaluating Dell Wyse WSM with a starter kit that includes everything IT teams need to conduct a proof of concept within one hour that provides server, clients, networking, preinstalled software, and virtual desktops for up to three users. The kit can be expanded to support up to 12 users. The company said the software will be available from 22 July from its channel partners.

Dell acquired Wyse Technology, a specialise in thin client PC and management software, in February 2012 in a bid to expand its desktop virtualisation offerings.

Kane Fulton
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