Bioware 'not discussing' Star Wars MMO for consoles

Star Wars: The Old Republic - can it rival WoW?
Star Wars: The Old Republic - can it rival WoW?

Bioware insists that it has not even discussed bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic to consoles.

Star Wars: TOR is being widely touted as the MMO that could finally challenge the dominance of World of Warcraft, and it is being developed by Bioware for the PC.

Console owners who are hoping that the next big MMO is arriving on their platform may be in for a long wait, with developers Bioware insisting that it has not been a topic that has surfaced.

No idea if it's possible

"I have no idea if it's possible," Daniel Erickson told CVG when asked about the possibility of a console version.

"I'd have to ask our tech director. I can tell you that it's not anything that we've even discussed.

"There is nobody anywhere in Bioware laying the groundwork for that because we have a very large complicated game to ship first."

Natural place

Erickson insists that the PC is the 'natural' place for MMOs: "[Which platform it would be rolled out to] was not a question when we started Old Republic - or any of our games, for that matter.

"There's a reason the lead SKU for Dragon Age was PC as well. When we're developing an RPG, it's a natural place to be."

So, might be worth thinking about updating your PC if you want to be enjoying becoming the next Han Solo.


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