Acer shows off new desktops with latest AMD APUs

Aspire XC105 and TC100
Aspire XC105 and TC100

The PC industry may be in dire straights as users opt for smartphones or Ultrabooks, but that doesn't stop manufacturers from pumping out new models in a bid to steer you away from the latest skinny contender.

That includes Taiwanese box maker Acer, which has revamped its Aspire XC and TC multimedia desktop lines to include the latest AMD APUs.

First up is the new Aspire XC105, which Acer is touting as a compact desktop solution. The PC features a traditional tower form factor and combines discrete graphics with one of several CPUs on offer.

The company told us that models in the range will provide a choice of an AMD E1-1200, Intel Celeron G1610, or Intel PDC G2010. That's in addition to an Intel Core i3-2130, Intel Core i3-3220, Intel Core i5-3300, or an Intel Core i5-3330.

Acer is aiming to break away from the usual black matte textures by adding a brushed metallic finish to the case that combines glossy black, silver chrome and brushed silver.

Smaller sibling

Acer's TC100/105 is comparatively smaller, taking the shape of a micro-tower format that places ports at the front of the base for accessibility. The TC series models allow users to boost graphics by opting for a dedicated card, though there is no word yet on which makes, or CPUs, are available.

Both models in the XC and TC series are capable of housing up to 16GB RAM, leaving them open to a sizable performance boost. They also feature USB 3.0 ports to allow faster file transfers while remaining more energy efficient, in addition to HDMI 1.4 ports that let users hook up to a 3D display.

They also include Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi, which gets a helping hand from Acer's Always Connect Technology that automatically detects and registers most visited access points. Acer claims the feature allows users to access the internet in 2.5 seconds, four times faster than models without the tech. Why that's a big deal for desktop users, however, is anybody's guess.

The XC is set to go on sale in July at a cost ranging from £279.99 and £499.99. The TC starts at £399.99, ranging to £599, and will be available from the same time.

Kane Fulton
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