'Desktops are not dead,' says desktop-maker HP

'Desktops are not dead' says desktop-maker HP
Yeah, sure, but RIP anyway

Desktop computers may have had their day but HP thinks there's life in the old dog yet.

Amid a list of products that HP is really enthused about selling, the company's CEO Meg Whitman threw in a shout-out to the desktop.

She told CNBC, "We've got a tremendously strong line-up because we can go all the way from virtual desktop to workstations to desktops - by the way, desktops are not dead - to laptops to hybrids to tablets."

By the way guys, don't know if you heard, but HP actually does make desktop PCs so there's a chance the company is merely in denial. After all, PC shipments have fallen, fallen and fallen again as people opt for the convenience of a laptop or tablet.

A river in Africa

Desktops may or may not be dead, but HP wasn't talking much about its future plans for the humble personal computing machine, choosing instead to tease an "upcoming innovation":

"All tablet, all laptop. You can take the screen off," Whitman explained excitedly. "You can work with a regular keyboard. Or you can take the screen off and sit back and watch a movie on the airplane."

Oh yeah? A bit like, say, this Sony Vaio Tap 11? Or this Asus Transformer Book T100? Or, like, loads of other convertibles that are already out there?

This is like that time we thought we'd invented shoes with wheels on but then we remembered about rollerskates all over again.

Then again, maybe HP has invented a new kind of rollerskate, with jet power and gravity-defying capabilities. We can but hope.

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