Livescribe 3 smartpen launches with stronger mobile integration

Livescribe 3
Livescribe with a live feed, straight to your iDevice.

Just in time for the release of the new iPads and iPhones, the Livescribe 3 catches up to the mobile world with a new smartpen, a new app and a starting price of $149.95 (£129.99, AU$199.95).

Livescibe was already looking toward the cloud with its Sky smartpen, but the Livescribe 3 ditches its screen and audio recorder, instead relying on your iDevice as the central point.

Unlike Sky and Echo, the Livescribe 3 works using Bluetooth Smart to communicate with your smartphone or tablet, though it still uses the Livescribe notebook.

Once the pen and device are connected, a small camera embedded in the pen is able to record and feed in real time what you write directly onto your device or draw.

The new pen drops the ability to record audio, however, relegating that duty to the connected device and Livescribe app.

A scribe's app

The new smartpen from Livescribe is more of a companion device than standalone (though it can be used as a standalone).

Available at first on iOS only, Livescribe has plans to release the pen and apps for other devices in 2014.

Called Livescribe+, the app allows you to record audio in sync with note-taking, as well as handwriting to digital text conversion with a swipe. You can also add photos using your device.

Currently on Apple devices, it has iCloud integration, with the ability to store or recognise addresses, email contacts and add appointments.

Each note can be stored on the device using the app, shared with Evernote and Dropbox, or saved via email, PDF, messages and a number of other apps.

There will be two versions available, with the basic model priced at $149.95 (£129.99, AU$199.95). It will come with the Livescribe 3 smartpen, a 50-sheet starter notebook and a charging cable.

The Pro Edition will cost $199.95 (£169.99, AU$265) and will come with a 100-sheet hardbound journal in a leather portfolio, an extra ink cartridge for the smartpen and a 1-year Evernote Premium subscription.

  • Here's our review of the Livescribe Sky model, which will still be available.