Slack: Companies still aren't making the most out of hybrid working technology

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A new study from Slack has uncovered the shocking reality about productivity that is costing businesses money.

The company's latest State of Work Report surveyed more than 18,000 workers across the world, finding companies are still failing to supply employees with sufficient productivity tools, and highlights the growing need for businesses to adopt AI in order to achieve their best results.

As well as leading to fewer profits, IT decision-makers’ apparent reluctance to distribute software designed to support remote workers is leading to company-wide dissatisfaction that could be losing businesses their talent.

Should my business use AI?

Around one-quarter (27%) of the companies Slack surveyed were using AI tools to help productivity and efficiency despite more than three-quarters (77%) of employees believing that automation could help them save time, thus increasing productivity.

Those study participants who had adopted some type of AI or automation were found to have reported productivity levels up to 90% higher than those who hadn’t, strengthening the case for the relatively new technology.

In fact, Slack’s blanket statement that “new technologies, such as AI and automation, are largely not implemented” indicates a large-scale trend that companies and their ITDMs are slow to react, risking leaving them in the dust as the small handful of companies that are willing to experiment leap ahead.

More broadly, four in five workers said that having the right technology to get the job done would improve their productivity.

It’s not just about having the right technology, though. The report briefly looks at the physical office, where quiet libraries, collaboration spaces, and larger social lounges could all play a pivotal role in how workers engage.

Finally, a wider look at wellness is in order too, according to the findings, in order to help workers establish a better work-life balance where they are able to switch off from work outside of regular hours.

“The workplace is continuously evolving – and never more so than in the past few years. Companies must rethink the employee experience to increase productivity today,” said Brent Hyder, President and Chief People Officer at Salesforce. “Organizations that embrace new ways of working, such as flexibility, automation and AI, and collaboration tools will help their employees – and ultimately their customers – find greater success.”

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