AWS scoops up encrypted messaging service Wickr

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Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made a foray into the encrypted messaging space with the acquisition of Wickr.

The decade-old Wickr platform offers end-to-end encryption across messaging, video conferencing and file sharing, and is rated highly by privacy advocates and groups such as the Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF).

“We’re excited to share that AWS has acquired Wickr, an innovative company that has developed the industry’s most secure, end-to-end encrypted, communication technology,” noted AWS VP and CISO, Stephen Schmidt.

About time

Encrypted communications have long been a regulatory requirement in sectors such as defense, but end-to-end encrypted platforms such as Wickr have now become a necessity for most enterprises, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

In the short note announcing the acquisition, Schmidt hailed Wickr for managing to conform to regulatory requirements while extending the benefits of encrypted communications to its customers.

He reasons that the move towards hybrid working environments has highlighted the need for a secure communications platform, and he is of the opinion that Wickr has what it takes to help meet the requirements of both the private and public sector entities.

“Wickr’s secure communications solutions help enterprises and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforces and is a welcome addition to the growing set of collaboration and productivity services that AWS offers customers and partners,” wrote Schmidt.

While AWS did not disclose the terms of the deal, Schmidt noted that AWS will be offering Wickr services "effective immediately.”

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