Automattic snaps up web analytics firm

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The parent company of WPVIP, Automattic has announced that it will acquire the firm to make it easier for users to add powerful analytics to their WordPress sites.

Since its launch in 2009, has been working to showcase the power of digital content to influence and change the web through its widely-used content analytics system which is used by sites and apps to increase growth, engagement and loyalty.

However, as the company tried to find new ways to demonstrate the value of content, it realized that getting closer to where content actually lives was critical to unlocking its value. For this reason, built deep integrations with some of the top Content Management Systems (CMS) out there including WordPress which powers over 40 percent of the web.

During this time, was introduced to the WordPress VIP (WPVIP) team and started learning about how the company supports its customers through an agile content platform.

Joining Automattic

While's open source WordPress plugin is already the most popular way to deploy to websites, the company also has a lot of ideas regarding how its dashboard and API can be used to improve enterprise WordPress sites. However, this isn't the only area the company plans to innovate in after the acquisition. wants to make its platform the top content analytics system on the market in order to solve real-time and historical analytics needs for editors, journalists, corporate marketers and content marketers alike. With investment from the WPVIP team and with wider product innovation support from the Autommatic team, the company hopes to make this dream a reality.

With the addition of, WPVIP now offers a way for any site or app running any CMS or even multiple CMSes to use its content analytics system. For customers this means that they'll be able to get active, CMS-agnostic development and support regardless of whether their site is running WordPress or not.

As part of the acquisition, the full team will join the larger WPVIP team which itself is part of Automattic. Just like Automattic though, is a fully distributed team and has operated that way for many years.

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