Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update drops early on Nintendo Switch

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(Image credit: Nintendo)

The ever-popular Animal Crossing universe has gotten a major update, with the New Horizons title on Nintendo Switch getting its 2.0 release a day earlier than expected.

As discovered by Animal Crossing World, a fan-run site, the update has launched ahead of Nintendo's schedule and, as such, doesn't come with official patch notes on exactly what's been changed or added. Thankfully, some of the major additions have already been revealed in previous info drops.

It's worth noting that the scheduled Happy Home Paradise paid DLC hasn't launched early alongside the free 2.0 update, but we anticipate this will be available on November 5 as was initially planned.

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What's new?

Some of the biggest additions include a new cafe run by Brewster the pigeon that will open up once you've met their demands, allowing you to relax and enjoy a nice hot cuppa.

Kapp'n the turtle/frog will also start offering players the chance to travel with him aboard his vessel to explore distant and mysterious islands, with sea shanties obviously sung along the way.

Players will also be able to cook their freshly grown produce into new DIY recipes, and to burn it all off you can take part in new stretching exercises that utilize the Switch's motion controls.

Other tweaks and changes aplenty have arrived with the 2.0 update – build a new shopping plaza or dig up some Gyroids – and they're all ready for you to discover right now. Just update your game from the Nintendo Switch's software update screen and start exploring!

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