AmeriGlide stairlifts

AmeriGlide stairlift review
AmeriGlide's curved stairlifts feature a double rail system (Image credit: AmeriGlide)

In our evaluation of AmeriGlide stairlifts, we look at how this mobility solutions manufacturer is focused on making stairlifts affordable by offering refurbished models and DIY installations. We also look at the number of models this brand makes and evaluate the best, most popular stairlift, the Horizon Plus. Since AmeriGlide is one of the only stairlift manufacturers to sell directly to seniors, the cost is significantly less than other brands. And they are the only brand to offer financing, making it even more affordable. However, the user reviews do raise a concern, as it’s one of the lowest ranking brands in our review by verified users.

About AmeriGlide

Founded in 2004, AmeriGlide specializes in mobility solutions. While this company specializes in stairlifts, you can also get elevators, walk-in tubs, dumbwaiters, wheelchair vehicles, vertical platform lifts, pool lifts, power wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and more. The company really specializes in helping people with mobility needs. Their primary purpose is to provide you with the tools you need to live independently, but at an affordable price. In fact, AmeriGlide was the first company to manufacture a DIY stairlift model that didn’t require a professional installation, which meant big savings for consumers.

AmeriGlide stairlift review

AmeriGlide sells factory refurbished models at a great value. (Image credit: AmeriGlide)

One concern with AmeriGlide’s brand is the customer satisfaction. Based on verified user reviews on, AmeriGlide’s overall rating for stairlifts was 2.7 based on 36 reviews. Even the reviews for the company’s walk-in tubs were a concern. Most of the negative responses were from customers who felt they didn’t receive the necessary support after their stairlifts stopped working shortly after installation. That said, 36 reviews is not statistically relevant to mean it’s a pattern of poor service, but it’s worth pause. Take time to talk to the representatives to gauge how well you think the service is before you buy.  

The best stairlift company for value

Buying and installing a stairlift is a significant investment, but it’s worth the cost if it means you can age-in-place in your own home. But let’s face it, many seniors can’t afford to spend $5,000 to $10,000 on a stairlift. For this reason, AmeriGlide is our pick for best value. Not only does this brand have the most transparent pricing of any company we reviewed, but they sell refurbished stairlifts with a DIY installation option. As a result, you can get a stairlift for as low as $1,699. And while that’s still a significant sum for many seniors, especially those on a strict fixed income, it’s significantly lower than other brands. 

The AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Factory Reconditioned stairlift is the company’s best value. Since it’s refurbished, it looks and works like new. The seat is a wide 22-inches, making it a comfortable fit for most people. And with a seat and armrests that flip up, the seat folds into a 13.5-inch profile when folded and parked, making the Horizon Plus among the slimmest options on the market. Others living in your home can walk around it without a problem. It also includes a wireless call/send remote, which is essential if the stairlift is used by multiple people.

AmeriGlide stairlift review

By using a four wheel friction system, AmeriGlide's Imperial stairlift doesn't use greasy gears. (Image credit: AmeriGlide)

The best stairlift AmeriGlide makes is the Imperial. It features a four wheel friction based system, which means you don’t have to deal with greasy gear tracks. In addition, this friction based system provides a much quieter and smoother ride. 

The Imperial has a maximum weight limit of 308 pounds at a maximum angle of 45-degrees, which doesn’t quite make it suitable for bariatric purposes, but the motor is plenty capable of carrying large people. It also includes two remote controls, safety sensors, and slim profile of just 12.6 inches.

The warranty is the biggest concern with AmeriGlide stairlifts. The drive train motors are guaranteed for either 5 years or 10 years while the circuit boards and other electronic components are just covered for two years. In addition, the batteries are only guaranteed for 30 days. By comparison, the brands with the best warranties feature a lifetime warranty on motors and components. And between one and 10 year warranties on batteries. AmeriGlide’s warranty only covers the first owner and only the first installation, which means if you installed it yourself, you would void the warranty if you moved the stairlift to a new house.

Cost comparison

AmeriGlide is our pick for best value for a reason. The base price for a straight stairlift is $1,689. Most brands’ base straight stairlift price is around $2,500. The reason AmeriGlide’s stairlifts are cheaper is because they sell both used (factory refurbished) and new stairlifts. And they sell directly to consumers, so there isn’t a dealership fee added onto the cost. The curved stairlifts start at around $8,200, which is about $4,000 less than Harmar and Stannah.  

AmeriGlide stairlift review

AmeriGlide is the most affordable stairlift manufacturer on the market and has three seat options. (Image credit: AmeriGlide)

We love that AmeriGlide is transparent about the pricing. This is the only stairlift brand to do this, and it’s a shame. They list the starting price so you know roughly how much it’s going to cost before you even talk to a sales rep. This is important. You should have as much information about the product freely available before you talk to a sales rep. That said, other brands only sell through dealerships, which set the pricing. So it’s also understandable that they don’t list pricing. Still, we’d prefer some type of range.

AmeriGlide is the only company to offer financing. They are partnered with FirstBank to provide easy financing for seniors looking to install a stairlift in their home. You just have to be 62 years old and own your home.

Final Verdict

AmeriGlide has one of the best selections of stairlifts in our review. Most brands only have three stairlifts. Many don’t even have a bariatric model. But AmeriGlide has about 17 stairlifts, new and refurbished. And each priced below the market average because they sell directly to consumers rather than through a dealership. They are also the only brand to offer financing via FirstBank, allowing you to make affordable monthly payments. To put it simply, AmeriGlide makes it easier for seniors on a strict budget to afford a stairlift.

That said, the customer reviews are a concern. While there aren’t a lot of reviews online, the ones we found are not positive. With a 2.7 rating based on 36 reviews, you have to consider whether the budget friendly value is worth potentially poor customer service or a poor product.

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