AMD EYPC Genoa leak suggests huge performance upgrade on the way

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If rumours are to be believed, AMD’s 4th Gen EPYC processors will feature a whopping 96 cores - up from a maximum of 64 cores in the upcoming Milan series.

Code-named Genoa, the next generation of AMD EPYC server chips that are slated to be released sometime in 2022, will be made using TSMC’s 5nm process technology.

According to serial hardware leaker ExecutableFix, EPYC Genoa will be based on a new 5nm manufacturing process, and will feature up to a 96-core and 192-threads.

Generational leap

In the ensuing thread, ExecutableFix has given out various details about the upcoming line of server processors along with the new 5nm platform

They add that in order to get to 96 cores, AMD is packing a total of up to twelve CCD's in Genoa, with each CCD featuring eight cores. To put it into perspective, the tweet also includes a mock-up of what the 96-core EPYC Genoa chip would look like with a dozen chiplets for the cores and one for the I/O die.

mockup of AMD Genoa

(Image credit: ExecutableFix)

It’s also been suggested that the Genoa processors will offer support for 12-channel DDR5-5200 memory, as opposed to 8-channel DDR4-3200 in Milan. Given the whopping amount of computing, unsurprisingly Genea is said to feature TDP (thermal design power) of 320W which will perhaps be configurable up to 400W.

The new processors will be based on AMD's brand new Zen 4 core architecture that’s set to replace the current one that’s being used across the recent lineup of processors namely, Naples, Rome, and the upcoming, Milan.

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