Amazon wants to make enterprise data search simpler than ever before

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Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of its intelligent enterprise search tool in a bid to help businesses remedy the complexity of modern data architectures.

Amazon Kendra allows organisations to index information held across multiple data silos and ensure it is both easily searchable and readily accessible to those with the necessary permissions.

The service utilises machine learning (ML) techniques to allow users to deliver natural language queries, as opposed to relying on limited keyword-based searches that are unlikely to yield the most relevant or precise results.

Amazon Kendra

The ability to search efficiently through the vast quantities of information held on internal data storage has eluded businesses for many years, with treasure troves of unstructured data (stored in many formats, across multiple storage locations) going underutilised.

AWS believes Kendra provides an answer to this enduring problem, by organising enterprise data in a way that allows employees to capitalise on the full scope of the data their business holds.

According to Swami Sivasubramanian, VP Amazon Machine Learning at AWS, businesses have much to gain by addressing the chaotic and haphazard nature of data architectures.

“Our customers often tell us that search in their organisations is difficult to implement, slows down productivity, and frequently doesn’t work because their data is scattered across many silos in many formats,” he said.

“Using keywords is also counterintuitive, and the results returned often require scanning through many irrelevant links and documents to find useful information.”

Leaning on ML algorithms to gain contextual understanding, Amazon Kendra allows users to query databases in a more natural fashion and receive precise results without having to wade through excess information.

The tool currently supports niche language relating to industries including IT, healthcare, finance, law, telecoms and more.

Deploying Amazon Kendra reportedly requires no ML expertise and the tool can be set up from within the AWS Management Console. It is currently available in US East, US West and EU West, with other regions soon to follow.

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