Adobe is adding AI smarts to its marketing software

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After introducing its Intelligent Services suite of AI-as-a-Service tools earlier this year, Adobe is now bringing AI to digital marketing software in an effort to help organizations improve their marketing campaigns.

Brands understand that to maximize the performance of their content, they need to have a deep understanding of customer preference. However, there are limits to what brands can achieve with personalization as they often have too much data or too many assets to sift through.

Adobe's new Content and Commerce AI which is now in beta, helps brand understand the context around their content and how well it is performing in market by delivering insights and guidance on content features such as colors or subjects. Organizations can even combine Adobe Experience Manager with Content and Commerce AI to automatically extract keywords and tags from documents and content fragments as well as label documents and images with custom AI models.

According to Adobe, early pilots of its new solution have already allowed brands to increase engagement on personalized content by more than 15 percent.

Leveraging AI to reach customers

In order to deliver customer experiences that build loyalty and attract new customers, marketing teams need to gain access to rich customer data. However, accessing this data can often be difficult due to disparate technologies and organizational silos.

By using Adobe's real-time customer data platform (CDP), brands can find meaning in a wide variety of data sets from CRM to online analytics to offline point of sale (PoS). Now though, they'll also be able to leverage Customer AI within the company's Real-time CDP to analyze historical and real-time data to dig deeper and understand the reasons behind customer actions. Using Adobe's new solution, brands can predict customer propensity including the likelihood to convert or churn along with the reasons behind these actions.

While a media brand may already use Adobe's Real-time CDP to ingest data from multiple systems to build rich profiles and target viewers with the right content, now it can leverage AI to reach the right customers. For example, an organization can maximize ROI by targeting the group with the highest propensity to subscribe or mitigate customer churn by targeting low propensity customers to provide a bonus value offer.

Nvidia is an early customer of Adobe's that used Customer AI to boost its digital marketing efficiency. The hardware maker leveraged the solution in its consumer business to better identify those who were likely to stop using its services. With Customer AI, Nvidia was able to identify customers who would be best served through specifically tailored content and campaigns with a 96 percent accuracy rate.

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