A Huawei graphics card for servers may be coming soon

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The graphics card market for servers is even more competitive than it is for the best gaming PCs, and Huawei might be jumping into it to heat it up for Nvidia, AMD and Intel

The giant tech company will be spinning off a new Cloud and AI business group to try and enter into the crowded GPU market, according to a post from South Korea tech publication The Elec

Its very unlikely that this will result in Huawei graphics cards for everyday consumers, like the Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs you may be used to. Instead, these would compete with the likes of Nvidia Tesla GPUs, which typically cost thousands of dollars and are much faster than anything you'll find in a gaming machine. 

Either way, Huawei might end up putting the pressure on Nvidia here, as its Ascend 910 AI Processor is around twice as fast as the Nvidia Tesla V100 – a GPU that starts at $7,999 (about £6,330, AU$12,420). 

These Huawei graphics cards will unlikely be a huge deal for most consumers, but just like Intel is doing with its Xe graphics cards, it's a possibility that this could potentially result in consumer-level graphics cards in the long term. This is purely speculation on our part and if it happens, we probably won't see it soon, if ever. 

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