15 best PC gaming headsets in India


Every PC gamer wants the best picture. After all, there’s nothing like a curved, ultra-wide or 4K monitor to really deliver a top-notch immersive experience. But what about the best sound? As gamers flock to the latest graphics cards, processors, mice and keyboards, the best PC gaming headsets often fly under the radar. Since they’re “optional”, you have a bit of leeway to skimp when it comes to audio. 

However, that won’t be the case for very long. Where competitive games like Overwatch have overtaken the PC gaming scene, it’s more essential than ever to have the best PC gaming headset as you coordinate with allies through an on-board mic and listen for enemies around the corner. 

As such, it’s become increasingly integral that you upgrade your sound system accordingly. Features such as virtualised 7.1 surround sound, 5.8GHz wireless tech and, most importantly, RGB lighting are not to be missed.

Here we’ve gathered the top 15 PC gaming headsets that are available in the market right now. Some, like the Asus ROG Centurion 7.1, are focused on delivering only the highest quality sound while others, like the Razer ManO’War, for example, prioritise ease of use. 

No matter how stringent your exact demands from your next PC gaming headset are, you can be sure that one of the PC gaming headsets below will meet those requirements.

Razer ManO'War

Razer ManO'War

Razer ManO'War

Surround sound without the fuss

Interface: Wireless | Features: Software-based 7.1 surround sound, earcup-mounted controls, Chroma RGB multi-color lighting, 14-meter range (using an extender, 12 meters without)

Great surround sound
Easy to set up
Multi-color lighting
Slightly bulky
No wired option

Quick and easy to setup using a wireless USB receiver that snuggles inside the headset for easy transportation, the Razer ManO'War is a user-friendly unit primed for surround-sound gaming. 

Sure, it's a little chunkier than most other headsets, but two soft leatherette ear cups make it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Additionally, the Chroma RGB lighting can be customised through Razer Synapse and looks snazzy.

Although it’s a software feature rather than a hardware one, the ManO'War's 7.1 channel virtual surround sound does a fine job of ramping up immersion in-game. The ManO'War's range can reach up to 14 meters using the supplied USB extender, and its battery life is capable of stretching to just as many hours.

If you don’t plan on moving that far from your computer, there’s a wired version too. Supplied with a USB digital-to-analog converter (CAV), the cable-attached Razer ManO’War 7.1 sounds every bit as sexy as it looks.

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Asus ROG Centurion 7.1

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1

10 drivers, 7.1 channels, one impeccable headset

Interface: Wired (USB) | Features: 10-driver 7.1 surround sound, dual-USB amplifier, Sonic Software compatibility, HDMI passthrough, amplifier with audio profile and channel volume controls, unidirectional microphone

Excellent spatial sound
Speaker pass-through
Can only be used with its amp
Heavy and bulky

Neglecting all the unwritten rules of fashion, the ROG Centurion 7.1 is a spectacle to behold. Though it’s a living hellscape to set up, this gaming headset looks incredible and has the brilliant knack for emitting crystal clear sound waves. 

You may need to go through a cumbersome preparation procedure involving a pair of USB cables and an amplifier, but that’s not to say the ROG Centurion 7.1 doesn’t offer plenty of room for expansion.

In fact, the Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 not only bolsters full-fledged surround sound pass-through for an external set of speakers, but the on-board amp controls grant you complete control over the audio profiles and channel volumes. You can even take advantage of Asus’ own Sonic Studio software package, which gives you even more dominance over the headset’s functions. 

There’s a steep learning curve, but for those who don’t mind, this headset is a mighty surround sound offering.

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V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

Stylish with powerful bass-driven tones

Interface: Wireless or wired (USB) | Features: Bluetooth connectivity, built-in microphone (Boom Microphone available for gamers), lithium-ion battery with up to 12 hours of continuous music, dual-diaphragm 50mm driver, metal construction with leather, military-level MID-STD-810 tested

Huge, eardrum-filling sound
Comfortable padded cups
Divisive design
Don't fold

If you're more interested in the sounds coming out of your gaming headset rather than glowing LEDs, macro keys and other gratuitous extras, then the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless is the headset for you. Its stylish cans are a treat for the ears, booming with sound that's bass-heavy with fantastically crisp treble on the other end.

Stepping out of the soundscape for a moment, the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless features memory foam ear cups that are both comfortable and spacious without inciting irritation after prolonged use. What’s more, you'll get around 12 hours out of its battery life when connected via Bluetooth. 

This headset's rugged build quality, funky travel case and optional USB connectivity add up to make it one of the best headsets on the market.

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Astro A50 Wireless

Astro A50 Wireless

Astro A50 Wireless

The best general-use headset just got better

Interface: Wireless | Features: Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound; Works with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and mobile; Astro Audio; 5.8GHz wireless tech with MixAmp; 6.0mm uni-directional noise cancelling mic; USB charging with base station

Full-bodied Dolby 7.1 Surround sound
Supremely comfortable
Finnicky charging cradle

We called the original Astro A50 a "game-changing, experience-enhancing headset", and thankfully its wireless successor follows the "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" rule. 

Astro's latest headset does what it says on the tin and adds wireless connectivity to an already stellar package. Though not the cheapest headset on the block, the Astro A50 Wireless has transferred the amp controls from its predecessor's cable right onto the head-cups themselves to balance the in-game audio and voice chat on-the-fly.

Add to that the A50's solid aluminum construction, effective noise-cancelling microphone, booming bass and impressive mid-range sounds, and you have a headset that's compatible with a range of different platforms. Not only is it ready to rock with your PC, but also with a PS4, Xbox One and legacy consoles.

It's also suitable for using with the HTC Vive and other VR headsets, thanks to the accommodating shape of the headband. We've found that very few headsets can rival the comfort of the A50’s plush ear cups, which are large enough to give you a realistic sense of sound coming from all directions.

Siberia 840

SteelSeries Siberia 840

SteelSeries Siberia 840

A fantastic all-rounder

Interface: Wireless or wired | Features: Closed back earcups, Dolby virtual 7.1 surround sound, retractable directional mic with mute indicating light, two hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries, SoundShare audio recording, click wheel, memory foam ear cushions, compatibility with Xbox 360, PS3/4, PC/Mac, Apple TV/Roku, home entertainment and mobile devices

Dolby 7.1 surround sound

At time you may find yourself prepared to pay premium prices for a PC gaming accessory that does the lot, and in the headset category that's the Siberia 840. 

Following in the footsteps of the already impressive Siberia 800, the upgraded Sibera 840 is pro-Bluetooth, anti-lag and all about personalisation. With the SteelSeries Engine 3 app, you can customise everything from equaliser settings to what you want shown on the OLED screen of the accompanying base unit. 

All of that is, of course, secondary to the Siberia 840's sound qualities which are nothing less than sublime. Activating Dolby 7.1 surround sound is like dropping you into the game. Enemies' footsteps can be picked out across a room including behind you, leading to some heart-in-mouth moments in gory shooters like Doom.

Turtle Beach 350 Stealth VR

Turtle Beach 350 Stealth VR

Turtle Beach 350 Stealth VR

The best gaming headset for virtual reality

Interface: Wired (3.5mm) | Features: Battery-powered amplification (30 hours on a single charge), variable bass boost, full-range audio, mic monitoring, removable noise-cancelling microphone, ergonomic VR design. swappable cable system

Ergonomic design suits VR headsets
Battery amplification provides full-bodied sound
Mic monitoring lets you hear yourself
Feels flimsier than more expensive headsets
No surround sound

With VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift making their way into PC gamers' rooms, specially-designed audio headsets for virtual reality were bound to follow. 

The Turtle Beach 350 Stealth VR is the one of the most flexible options out there, featuring a generous amount of adjustability thanks to its sturdy headband which can fit over the top of VR headsets worn on even the biggest heads.

Sure enough, the 350 Stealth is designed for practicality rather than sharp looks. Its black-and-white color scheme isn't the most exciting design out there, but an abundance of features makes up for that. The mic monitoring allows you to hear your own voice inside the headset and allows for bass boost for booming lows. The noise-cancelling headphone mic is detachable and a groove in the ear cups lets you tuck the audio cable out of the way. 

While it's perfectly suitable for owners of PC-based VR headsets, it's quite literally a great fit for PSVR gamers too.

SteelSeries Arctis

SteelSeries Arctis

SteelSeries Arctis

High performer with a low profile

Interface: Wireless or wired (3.5mm) | Features: 2.4GHz wireless technology (Arctis 7 only); 15-hour battery; built-in digital audio control; Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound; Steelseries Engine software, Compatible with PC, Mac PS4, Xbox One, smartphones, tablets and VR

Sterling bass and treble quality
Professional design
Ugly suspension headband

Unlike some of its competitors, SteelSeries stresses on subtlety in its headset designs. The Arctis continues this trend by flaunting sound quality and comfort over gaudy appearances. 

When you pop an Arctis on your head, the goal is, for example, for your stream audience to see a professional environment rather than a Dorito stain on your chair. The customisable lighting gives you plenty of wiggle room, in case the whole monochrome look isn’t your thing.

The SteelSeries Arctis comes in three distinct flavors: Arctis 3, Arctis 5 and Arctis 7, each one more expensive than the last. The Arctis 3 is par for the course analog protocol while the Arctis 5 ships with an external digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Meanwhile the Arctis 7 is wireless by way of 2.4GHz connectivity. Each model comes stacked with built-in audio control enhanced even further by the SteelSeries Engine 3 app.

Best gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Better sound for the buck

Interface: 3.5mm analog wired | Features: Closed back earcups, swiveling noise-cancellation microphone, onboard volume slider, multi-platform compatibility, memory foam earcups

Excellent ergonomics
Unremovable microphone
Light on bass

Arguably one of the most affordable gaming headsets available today, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is designed to give players eSports quality audio at a bargain. While there isn't much to write home about with the red on black plastic design of the headset, 50mm directional drivers make the stereo superb. The noise-cancelling mic aims to keep your obnoxiously loud background music where it belongs - in the background.

Because it features volume control on the ear cup itself, you’ll never have to be an awkward keystroke away from turning the sound up. Moreover, thanks to the lightweight design, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is comfortable to wear for extended play sessions and is paired with set of memory foam ear cups that rotate 90 degrees. 

Although this isn't the ultimate PC gaming headset, it's a great starting point for those on a budget.

Sennheiser GSP 350

Sennheiser GSP 350

Sennheiser GSP 350

Stellar Sennheiser audio quality for less

Interface: 3.5mm and USB (for 7.1 surround) | Features: Closed acoustic earcups, memory foam ear pads, right ear cup volume control, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone, automatic mic mute, split headband design

Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
Sturdy build quality
Comfortable memory foam earpads
Dolby surround only works with PC

More affordable than Sennheiser's flagship PC 373D while still packing an audible punch, the GSP 350 carries over that headset's stellar 7.1 Dolby surround sound and closed ear cup design. It's even suitable for marathon gaming sessions thanks to its huge and comfortable ear cups, with the right cup featuring a volume dial as per usual. 

The headset uses a closed-back design with an adjustable split headband rather than the PC 373D's more solid and thicker continuous band. Much to the relief of your in-game teammates, there’s a noise-cancelling microphone in place that mutes when lifted up and automatically detects/omits breathing sounds. 

If you like the look of Sennheiser's flagship gaming headset but can't quite stomach the price, the GSP 350 is the “lite” version.

G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

A command center on your head

Interface: Wireless or wired (3.5mm) | Features: 7.1 surround sound, cup-mounted G-keys (macro), programmable RGB mutli-color lighting

Attractive design
Cup mounted macro keys
Average battery life

Logitech's flagship gaming headset packs in plenty of bells and whistles. The most useful of which is the cup-mounted G-keys (gaming mode) that provide handy shortcuts to performing actions in-game. In terms of design, the G933 is certainly one of the snazziest headsets around, practically oozing gamer appeal. And, if you're fed up of round ear cups on headsets then you'll appreciate its large and comfortable ear-shaped ones. 

Logitech has shifted from its original designs by running a multi-colored lighting strip all the way down the cup, rather than placing a flashing logo on the side. In our eyes, this is more appealing than the smaller, contained glowing areas on Corsair's and Razer's flagship headsets. The downside is that this limits battery life to around 10 hours, though you can turn it off to eke out a few more. 

For a USB gaming headset, it’s impressively multi-platform too, working across PS4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.

Corsair Void RGB

Corsair Void RGB

Corsair Void RGB

Lights up the room and your ears

Interface: Wireless or wired (USB) | Features: 7.1 software-based surround sound, 2.4GHz wireless, 40-feet wireless range, 16-hour battery life, mic-on indicator, RGB lighting, Corsair CUE software, 50mm neodymium drivers, noise-cancelling microphone

Long wireless range
Surround sound works well
Cloth (rather than leather) ear cups
Microphone isn't great

The Corsair Void RGB is super comfy, boasting of an ear-shaped design in favour of the usual round cans that almost never feel right. It’s also capable of exuding fist-pumping bass that’s powerful without muddying the mix. You can configure its lighting colors using Corsair's intuitive software and even make it dance in tandem with the company's K65 or K70 mechanical keyboards.

Plus, you can take solace in the fact that the Corsair Void RGB has a 2.4GHz wireless range of up to 40 meters. No longer do you have to worry about the chatter being cut-off when you get up to grab your beer.  

Unfortunately, there isn't any way for adjusting the fold-down mic so its clarity often suffers, but that isn't enough to put us off what is a solid and affordable option for surround sound gaming.

Cloud Revolver

HyperX Cloud Revolver

HyperX Cloud Revolver

Affordable and comfortable with punchy bass

Interface: Wired (dual 3.5mm) | Features: 50mm drivers, ear cup memory foam, noise-cancellation mic, audio volume and mute controls, detachable microphone

Good value
Decent build quality
Punchy, bass-driven sound
No surround sound
No headset controls

Here we have a no-frills headset with upstanding build quality closely rivaling those which cost nearly double. Used by a number of eSports teams, Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Revolver’s large interchangeable over-the-ear memory foam cups help block out unwanted noise. 

Additionally, the retractable mic allows clear and distortion-free communication with teammates. The studio-grade sound stage makes this headset perfect for first-person shooters and open-world games.

Despite being relatively affordable, the Cloud Revolver doesn’t skimp on features. Its 53mm drivers have been tweaked to blast out punchy mid-range tones and pounding bass that's best described as in-your-face. Subtlety isn't their strong suit. 

There's no surround sound support or RGB lighting to be found here and you'll have to reach for the Cloud Revolver's braided cable to get to its in-line volume and mic controls. If those factors don't bother you then this value-focused headset comes highly recommended.

Asus ROG Cerberus

Asus ROG Cerberus

Asus ROG Cerberus

Low-input lag makes these great for gaming

Interface: Wired | Features: 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers, detachable boom mic and an in-line mic, 100mm full-size cushions, compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and smart devices

Comfortable earcups
Great noise isolation
Mediocre mic performance

The next gaming headset on our list is the Asus ROG Cerberus. Its 60mm neodymium magnet drivers provide extremely good sound quality to the users with powerful bass and crisp vocals. Their full-size 100mm polyurethane-coated leather ear cushions make them comfortable for long listening hours. Moreover, these earcups provide complete isolation from surrounding noise so that you can enjoy your favourite playlist anywhere without getting disturbed.

The headsets feature both in-line and detachable boom mic that are compatible with all PCs, Macs and smart devices.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Like kicking back on your favorite comfy couch

Interface: Wireless or wired (3.5mm) | Features: 3.5mm upstream and downstream jack, 50mm drivers, memory foam earpads, glasses relief system, optional tournament audio controller, standard microphone included

Tactical Audio Controller
No surround sound
Pricey with TAC

Aimed at PC and console gamers, using Turtle Beach's Elite Pro feels like sitting down at a command station and gearing up for war. This headset emanates gamer cred right down to the subtle orange ruler-type markings on the headset's automatically adjusting headband. 

It's a funky piece of equipment that's reassuringly chunky while remaining supremely comfortable at all times thanks to its gel-infused Aerofit ear cushions. More importantly, they sound great in the heat of battle. Credits go to Turtle Beach's 50mm NanoClear drivers, which do an especially great job of bringing you into the heart of the action in shooters.

If you're particularly hardcore, you might want to shell out for the Tactical Audio Controller. It’s by no means cheap but it does let you push your audiophile instincts to their limit. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself adjusting settings such as the game/chat mix, your own mic level and in-game sounds as well as muting to eliminate game sounds altogether. 

It also lets you toggle instantly between four surround modes (Game, Music, Movie and Offline), which is exponentially easier than fiddling around with controls on the headset itself.

Cougar Immersa

Cougar Immersa

Cougar Immersa

Powerful sounds and an eye-catching price tag

Interface: Wired | Features: Compatible with PC and consoles, 100mm ear padding, noise-cancelling microphone, 40mm drivers, 100mm extra-large ear pads, retractable microphone, leather headband design

Big comfortable ear cups
Powerful bass
Headband feels flimsy

There are an increasing number of PC gaming headsets that are impressive at the lower end of the price spectrum, one of which is the Cougar Immersa. 

Decked in the company's trademark orange-and-black color scheme, this gaming headset is big, bright and bold in a way that, perhaps intentionally, resembles a race car. Though its loud design may not appeal to everyone, its functionality will.

The massive ear-cups on the Cougar Immersa envelop the ears and are comfortable when worn over long periods. Its mid-range and bass tones are punchy and bright, though treble is a little lacking. 

The retractable microphone is convenient and block out most of the background disturbances. There are few gaming headsets in this price bracket that have impressed us like the Immersa.