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We check out a way of transmitting HDMI signals without wires

The transmitter connects to your DVD player and can transmit the pictures up to 30ft

Our Verdict

A good option for sending HDMI signals around your home so you can remove that line of cables running to your TV


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Three-input switcher
  • Great video compatibility


  • No high-def audio

We're never satisfied, are we? Having replaced the confusion of multiple analogue cabling with a single do-it-all digital standard, HDMI, we now we want it to be wireless.

While Panasonic's Z1 was the first flatpanel TV with integral wireless concessions, there are ways of adding these functions to an existing system. One solution is CYP's CWHDI-TXRX, a premium-priced product which uses the 5.1 to 5.4GHz RF range, and comprises a transmitter and a receiver.

In our tests with a Full HD TV and a Blu-ray player, I got good results from a range of 20ft – there was no perceptible loss of quality compared to a direct cable connection.


A range of 30m is theoretically possible in the open air – results will, of course, vary indoors.

This is easy to set up and use. There's even a three-input switcher on the transmitter.

All video standards are catered for, from 480i to 1080p24, with 30bit RGB or 4:4:4 component colour. It also supports CEC, and so you'll be able to control gear located in another room.

Hi-def audio isn't catered for – the best you can hope for is Dolby/DTS 5.1 or two-channel PCM.

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